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HISTORY:  RacerShots was born in December 2013 when John Flora organized several of the regular photographers seen dotted across hillsides and finish lines at local races.  The goal was to create one place where competitors could go to find race images. What resulted is a consortium of photographers and a portal to galleries of varying photographic styles.


Our shooters attend races and events based on his/her own particular work and family schedules. We do our best to have a shooter at every event. If you have a specific photographic request for an event, image or idea, feel free to Contact Us and we will get back to you immediately. Or if you prefer, contact your favorite photographer directly using the email and/or company links below for information. If you enjoy our images, please like and follow us on Facebook, and Instagram and share our link.  We appreciate your support and offer ours every time we click the shutter button.  Thank you for getting out and doing it.

Contributing Photographers:

Ryan Muncy (Ryan Muncy Photography)

Terri Irsik Smith (SportShutter)

Shawn Curry (GreenCurry)

Brent Murphy (Brent Murphy Photography)

RacerShots would also like to recognize our past crew members, whose photos you can still find in our archives:

John Flora | John Flora Photography and RacerShots founder

Scott Shoup | ShotWilliam

Annette Hayden | MountainMoon Photography




Please do not freely use images produced by the photographers on this site. All are copyrighted. Do not alter watermarks.

Please contact any photographer before use by a race sponsor, organizer, or equipment company. 


RacerShots photographers work hard and spend many hours covering local races.

You can show your support for our efforts by rightly purchasing images and/or asking permission.

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