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About the crew of photographers at

John M. Flora   |   John Flora Photography


Who:                Dad (George), husband (Trish), entrepreneur, futures trader, and Injury Lawyer.

Where:             Born in KY; raised in TN; schooled in the south, Europe, and on the street.

Passions:         Exploring, learning, cycling, skiing, fixing things, puttering... oh yeah, and photography.

Annoyances:      Crowds, wasting time, inconsiderate people, sleeping in, smelly kimchee.

Fave quotes:      The trouble is, we think we have time

                             Life is short... you can sleep when you're dead.

Fun facts:         Licensed pilot, certified scuba diver, fluent in spanish, self taught in most things.

2017 Goals:      Lots of road trips in the new bus, take more pics, travel > Europe, Japan and/ Mex.


1-855-JMFLORA (563-5672)

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Ryan Muncy  |   Ryan Muncy Photography


Ryan is a freelance photographer who had an early start in the pursuit of the photojournalism field.  Ryan grew up with artist parents in Syracuse, New York. He received a BA from State University of New York College at Buffalo in 1994 studying Journalism, Public Relations and Advertising. A life-long passion for cycling and photography, taught him to see the world in a different light. Ryan has had a camera in hand for most of his life in one way or another. He captures images with a documentary, yet artistic style with a photojournalistic sense. He describes his look "as if images were taken out of the news pages from long ago -- often gritty, and just shooting from the hip”. Ryan adds, “ I enjoy showing the way I see the world around me captured in images that are only a fraction of a second frozen in time ... people, music, sports, events, editorial, unique portraits, and even emotion through photography." Ryan is now posting only 4-10 shots per race in a small facebook album, although he has hundreds from each race. Please inquire directly to Ryan about shots he may have taken of you, by offering your name and race category, team or bike description. Contact Ryan for photographic work or prints.


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Terri Irsik Smith  |   SPORTSHUTTER


Terri grew up in a small Colorado farm town and now lives in Clark, Colorado. She is an avid cyclocross and nordic ski racer and when she's not racing you can find her out shooting pictures, cheering, and heckling other racers. Her photos capture the personality of the racer, the intensity of the moment, and the enthusiasm of the atmosphere. Terri has been a photographer on assignment for National and World Championship races and has been published in sports magazines nationwide. For photographs or assignments, please contact Terri at her Sportshutter email.


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Shawn Curry | GreenCurry Photography


I've had a love for photography since my teens. I began formally developing my photographic skills working in a darkroom throughout high school as well as later college photography classes. I nearly switched from biology major to fine arts-photography but science won out for foolish financial reasons. 

My research career was intellectually rewarding, but photography has been my passion. After thirty years or so as an amateur photographer, I started shooting professionally just over a decade ago.

I hope you enjoy my images as much as I enjoy creating them!

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Brent Murphy | Brent Murphy Photography


After a number of camping trips out west when I was younger, I knew I needed to spend my life in the mountains.  In 1998, I made the move from northeast Ohio to Denver.  For the past 24 years, I have spent my time here as a hiker, photographer, architect, husband, dad, bike rider and eventually bike racer.  I spent a number of years traveling around the Rocky Mountains as a landscape photographer.  When I began bike racing, I brought my passion for photography with me.  After a couple years spent shooting my own team during the times I wasn't out racing myself, I am now enjoying spending the days out on course photographing all the racing action. 

When I'm not shooting bike races, I photograph high school sports for MaxPreps and CHSAA, as well as handle all kinds of portrait photography.

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Kit Hünders | Wet Bear Photo


Kit is a high school teacher by trade, photographer by evening/weekend. For him, context is everything. Capturing a scene that means something to the viewer is the goal behind every shot. Following in his father’s footsteps, Kit picked up a camera in college and has put it down since. His favorite projects involve bikes, adventure and cookies. Kit shoots races, events, portraits, promotional material, and everything in between. Come say hello at a race (you’ll likely hear him before you see him) or get in touch here.

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RacerShots would also like to recognize our past crew members, whose photos you can still find in our archives:

Scott Shoup | ShotWilliam

Annette Hayden | MountainMoon Photography

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